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How To Be DMA

We are appointing direct marketing Agent for our company, in order to give special boost to our loan. You can also avail the golden opportunity of becoming the DMA for our company provided you fulfill the laid down criteria as mention below :

Criteria for appointment of Direct Marketing Agent :

  • Any person is having minimum qualification of 10+2, proven local contact with builders/ developers and central/State Govt. institutions and has a flair for public dealing.
  • He/she should be holding permanent Account Number (PAN) or should be having a shop or office at least with permanent address and telephone in command area of the branch.
  • Person having shop/office space even if jointly with any other business preferably in real estate may be considered.
  • Existing DMA’s showing good performance to be continued. However branches to re-recommend such DMA’s who are to be continued based on sufficient justifications. The existing DMA’s have to build up requisite infrastructure as laid in (2) with in given time.
  • A security deposit of Rs.25000/- in the shape of DD/Cash to be pledged with “Canfin Services”
  • Family members and blood relatives of existing staff of “Canfin Services” shall not be eligible to become DMAs.
  • Professional DMAs. Like C.A., Cost Accountants, Interior Decorators and architects with proper infrastructure facilities with good local contact with builders/developers and central/State Govt. institution, will be given priority.

List of Do’s and Dont’s for DMA (Term & Conditions)


  • To market and publicize the loan scheme/ product of “Canfin Services” and participate in promotional campaigns on behalf of “Canfin Services”.
  • To forward applications duly signed by the applicant and after filling all columns and desired information along with the documentary evidence and photographs of the applicants and guarantors.
  • DMA will collect the loan applications of the interested parties with requisite fees as per rule of the “Canfin Services” in the shape of Cash/Draft favouring “Canfin Services” Payable at Delhi and deliver to the Head Office.
  • To carry on through verification of the account to be introduced of the applicant, seller of the property (if any), grantors and property to be provided as security for loan.
  • The DMA shall be accountable for the genuineness of the borrower (buyer) & seller of the property, underlying purchase transaction and identification of the property being financed.
  • To educate the customers on the policies ad the term of lending of “Canfin Services”. and to cover the company against any claim or damage arising out of non-compliance of any of the term and conditions as above.
  • To forward only those applications which qualify the basic conditions of age and income criteria and location of property
  • To ensue regular payment of instalments in the account introduced by him and timely deposition of Post Dated Cheques.
  • To ensure recovery in the event of Default/non-payment in any account.
  • To protect the interest of the company and ensure that image of the company is not tarnished by any deeds performed/statements made by him.
  • To provide business to the company with minimum target of 15 cases of loan per month.


  • Not to give incomplete information to the company or forward cases without verification of the applicants, seller of the property (if any), guarantors and property to be provided as security for loan.
  • Not to furnish any misleading/ wrong information to the proposed customers on the policies and terms of lending “Canfin Services”
  • Not to expert any undue influence for processing of any case or any interference with the procedure of sanctioning/rejecting the loan.
  • Not to cause any harm in financial term to the company or any other loss due to wrong information provided by him.
  • Not to violate any terms and conditions of the policies of the company or enter any agreement to grant any loan etc.on behalf of the company.
  • Not to collect any charges, or any amount if any form or any other fee from the applicant.

This initial agreement with the DMA will be in force for a period of 12 months in which his performance will be adjudged. A minimum target of 15 cases per month has also been set for each DMA approved.

If at any time, the DMA or his/her representatives is found violating the terms and conditions of this agreement executed between him and the company, or the company is not satisfied with the services of the DMA or is not able to achieve the target set for him, the contract with the DMA may be terminated.

After such terminations on carrying on any operations on behalf of “Canfin Services”.

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