Foreign Funding


This is the process of FOREIGN FUNDING that shows how we work on it and how it can be benefited for the customer as per their requirement. The funds will be from leading US/UK based listed company with clean track-record.

The requirement for FOREIGN FUNDING:

  • Bank guarantee Or Collateral security
  • All statutory documents


  • Extreme benefit for the customers who have collateral security or bank guarantee, the FOREIGN FUNDING will be available in 60 days from commencement of the transaction.
  • Interest rate will be 5% to 12% compared to bank loan including the hedging cost (Libor + 3%)
  • It can be available for the fixed and variable term up to 10 to 15 years.
  • Good opportunity for the real estate developers on lowered risk weights.

How do we work?

  • First of all the site/unit inspection, Valuation of Property (2days) is required in the first meeting where all information of FOREIGN FUNDING is given regarding for further process. The meeting charge will be Rs. 2, 50,000/- made in advance. (Air tickets, local travelling and star accommodation to be arranged by client.)
  • The executive summary of the proposal should be given in the meeting. Customer must need to provide the 10 hard copies of the original proposal with Rs.25000/- charge signed & sealed by Chairman or MD.
  • L.O.I will come within 2 weeks.

Procedure after L.0.I :- Customer should provide the all document within 15 days.

  • Request letter
  • Final copies of documents required by the firm
  • Undertaking letter